Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

Thank You Patricia ( the Hurricane and Gallagher! )

I know it’s been a few days since my last post. A lot of information to share. Too much for my mind to process and put on paper right now. Decisions to make and a future to decide. I’ll get to all that, it may take a few posts. In the meantime….

SO much to write about…how I got home, where do I start???

I guess I will start with Hurricane Patricia. I wondered as I sat in my wheelchair at the gate in Moscow why the three pilots sitting across from me were pouring over flight path maps. They held many quiet discussions, pens out and mapping paths. Crossing out some and adding others. What was going on?

WiFi in airport – yes. iPone- yes. Hurricane heading to Houston, my destination – yes! Big lady named Hurricane Patricia.  Worried – yes.

The flight itself was long, and I slept. I was very fortunate that the flight was not full, and I had an entire three seat row to lie down. Luxury. A few movies were watched, and overall really nice, until…..

It was scheduled to be a 12 hour flight. We were in the air 14 hours due to the new flight path. As we approached Houston, I could not see the wing. We were bumping around, a lot. The wheels were lowered and we made our approach. Oops, the wheels came up, and so did we. This went on for and hour. Two approaches where you you could not even see the ground  and two aborted landings.

I finally thought, “God, just take us to Dallas, closer to home anyway, this is frightening.”

This was the wing

This was the wing. 

I was glad I had paid close attention to the pilots while at the gate. They were older, but not heart attack or dementia old, and all had four sleeve stripes. Relieved. So one more time, here we go. Wheels lowered, we bump along in the air, we weave side to side and I still cannot see the ground. No houses, nothing. I looked for you, Mark and Liz Spradling. I figured you had a really big house, I could surely see it. No, not big enough I guess.

Bang, we hit the ground, bounced up, then back down. And we stayed down. Singapore Airlines I applaud you! Superior service, and excellent pilots. The attendants were always helpful to me knowing I was limited in my capabilities. Anything I needed, they brought. Bathroom trip? They saw me getting up, carefully guided and supported me to my destination and back. Wheelchair service gate, through customs, and to my stop – food!

Okay, I guess you all remember my struggles with some of the food in the hospital. Fabulous nurses – the absolute best. And Dr. Fedrekno is one of the top four hematologist and HSCT specialists in the world. Kitchen….uh, the soup is good.

I had the wheelchair escort drop me at Pappadeux. Fabulous seafood…sea bass, salmon, tuna…all of which I love. What did I order? French fries and a wedge salad. And it was tasty. FullSizeRenderMy grandson Ethan told me so!

In May as he ate his birthday cupcake, he had this wonderful smile with icing all over his sweet little face. I asked him, “Is that delicious?” And I swear this child is not three, he must be at least twelve. He answers, “No, it’s tasty. Tasty is better than delicious.” Yes Ethan, you are wise little one.

Am I through? Oh no. A non stop flight from Houston to Oklahoma City would be easy, a straight shot north, right? We boarded the flight, and then it was announced – due to Hurricane Patricia, we had a new flight path. We were blessed to take a tour through east to Louisiana, north to Arkansas, then west over to OKC. Yes, a bit longer than anyone had planned, but I made it home!

A Fireball, can't you tell?

A Fireball, can’t you tell?

So maybe in essence, Hurricane Patricia could have been named after my dear friend Patricia (Pat) Gallagher. A whirlwind of a woman. Spirited, fearless, a force of nature. She blesses me in many ways. A special thanks to my own Hurricane Pat.

This is probably enough for today. Tomorrow I will go over Dr. Fedrenko’s assessment – yes I do still have a form of bacteria in my blood.

So until tomorrow….Goodnight Moon.


Goodnight Moon


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