Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

My Last Day at Maximov

The Maximov Center for Cellular Therapy

Slow to post today, tonight for you. After an exhilarating day filming three videos, guess what? Yes, you are wise, grasshopper. Fatigue. The opening video explains just this, and the only reason I posted it was so that you could see the physical difference in the two days. No, it’s not because I’m narcissistic! Believe me…me on film, to me, is no treat. Mark that sentence up in ink, Mrs. Tuck!

Last Dat at Maximov

A long morning of sleep, after a night of sleep is, well, weird. But it is necessary and must be done. I awoke close to noon, and Snizhana and her daughter dropped by for a visit. Nastia, her daughter, passed all her physical tests and is admitted today to begin her treatment. Please keep Nastia in your prayers. She is just19, and was quickly becoming debilitated.

Nastia and Snizhana

Nastia and Snizhana

A walk was in order, so I ventured out the gates and onto the streets. The photos below show the stringent security at this facility. Guards on duty – many – and a pass required at all times.

Exiting through the Guard Gatehouse

Exiting through the Guard Gatehouse

One of the several foot patrol guards

One of the several foot patrol guards

I found some quiet time, on my little white bench, a special time to sit and reflect…

Just a girl and her bench

Just a girl and her bench

The evening has been spent packing, organizing, and hugging my Olga. At points in the evening I was excited, but anxiety can and will nudge its head in occasionally.

Vacuum packed clothes!

Vacuum packed clothes!

So I’m really a little ticked off! I landed the same day as Snowden, and he was discharged from the airport one day ahead of my hospital discharge. I had been playing this little game in my head, a “who’ll be sprung free first” game. But I guess in the end, I am free, he is not. All is fair in love and war it has been said, but “checkmate”, I win this match up. He may have enjoyed better food, but certainly not better care and love. I leave with a new family in my heart. He stays….and that’s about it for him.

The next few days I will by attempting to explore Moscow, and will photograph as if I worked for National Geographic! Pics soon…

Goodnight Moon,


7 Responses to “My Last Day at Maximov”

  1. goodbyeMS

    I am so very happy that we have Maximov in common, your blog has been wonderful to follow and I look forward to hearing more about your adventures without MS šŸ™‚ xoxo

  2. Pat Gallagher

    You crack me up! Sorry you lost the Snowden/Stallings chess match. Glad to see you smiling and happy. Really glad to see you ahead in this battle w MS. Go! Fight! Win! Gooooooo Lisa!!!!
    Love and kisses

  3. Pat Bryant

    So glad that you are about to come home and back to the flock. I sure have missed you. I know that you are aware of the move that I am making, I hope to see you before I leave. I shall return as often as possible to visit with my adopted family the church. Be sure and leave MS in Russia. Hurry home.

    With love and Blessings, Pat B.

  4. pvaughn6304

    Safe travels! Your smiles tells it all! Hugs and prayers! Pat V

  5. Anonymous

    I miss you and I’m looking forward to having you back in our little group! Thank you for letting us join you on your fantastic journey! Be safe and see you soon!

  6. Mark

    Love your reference to Mrs. Tuck – an influence on many, many people.
    Now your courage and positive outlook will be a huge inspiration to people as well.


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