Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

Happy Dance

I did it, I did it I did it!

I made it through my last chemo here in Moscow! Wow-zer.

Dr. Fedorenko caught me napping

Dr. Fedorenko caught me napping

It was one long, heck of a day.  Total infusion time was seven hours, start to finish. I rested when I could, but even that was difficult with nurses in to continually monitor vitals and the drip. I did not sleep well last night as the combination of chemo and engraftment gave me another “don’t touch the hair on my head it hurts so bad” ( okay, it’s lack of hair ) headache.

After a few hours and many attempts, at 5:00 a.m. the nurse gave me a medication that was finally strong enough to knock out the head pain. My time up until just now, late afternoon, has been spent sleeping, blessed sleep.

Though still fatigued to the point that a after few lines of type on the keyboard my arms require a rest period, I am once again ready to get my game face on and start tackling the mole hills once again. Probably not until Sunday Dr. F has warned. He wants me to stay put in this bed for at least another day before moving around too much. Four high dose chemo + one new chemo + low hemoglobin = extreme weakness. During his visit a few minutes ago he explained that my hemoglobin counts dropped more considerably than he had expected after the infusion yesterday, further explaining the weakness.

So as my buddy Harold reminded me, even a fine red ports car needs to gas up now and then.

Time to Re-Fuel!

Time to Re-Fuel!

Blood is fascinating. A few tubes of blood drawn each day can give one such insight to the body…how we feel, and how we have reacted to outside influences. Blood can tell the story of our current life, where we stand, and even how long we may stand. Amazes me.

So my baby steps will begin again with awesome exuberance. See, my brain is working, I used resplendent words! T-minus seven days and counting until discharge on August 2nd. I will stay in Moscow over the weekend in a small and very accommodating hotel to further recover. I have spoken with them by email, and they are ready to meet any specials need I may require.

I am most anxious to visit to my friend Snizhana’s, and am thrilled beyond words at her kind invitation. To have the opportunity to become a part of her family for one evening, to experience true Russian culture, dinner and traditions is a once in a lifetime blessing. I am humbled.

Snizhana at Work...

Snizhana at Work…

Snizhana at Play

Snizhana at Play

Goodnight Moon,


7 Responses to “Happy Dance”

  1. Scott Barrett

    Couldn’t be more proud of you “Leeza”. We all need to face life in anticipation of doing the Happy Dance every day. God Bless You!

  2. Eddie Nash

    Hey Lisa I am the HAPPY DANCE GUY! 😉 I am doing it right now with you!!!!!!!!

  3. Debbie Bronson

    You look like an angel sleeping…you did it..!! I am doing a happy dance right now… Annie and I both are doing happy dances, of course Annie is a much better dancer…xxxxoooo Debbie 🙂

  4. Jon Stallings

    Lisa , been following your notes on FromRussiaWithLisa . I can only imagine it is so physically demanding to go thru all the grinding medical procedures you have been thru. All I know is that with God ‘s Blessings and Dr. F’s procedures you WILL come out of this a new and physically better person . I am praying for you daily as are many other ” Okies” . Get lots of rest and know that you are loved by many families and many people. Love You.

  5. sherry

    You can do it!!!! You will be back home before you know it! Love you, Sherry


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