Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

My Angel, my Olya

So I now have a name to go with the sweet face that always greets me as Leeza-Leeza. And my angel is Olya, phonetically OL-ya. The dear angel who held me last week as I shivered in cold. The dear angel who stroked my head and wiped the tears rolling down my face as I was fearful, and did not understand what was happening to my body.  The dear angel who held me for over an hour as I shivered, until the medication took effect and I fell asleep in her arms. She loved me like a baby. A moment I will always treasure. My Olya.

In other news of the day…can I go to bed yet?

I have hit another rough period, of sorts. Nothing painful or physically ill, but just so tired – extreme fatigue. And MS patients understand fatigue! This is different, even different than the traditional chemo fatigue. As I underwent four days of very intense high dose chemotherapy, followed by re-infusion of stem cells and now engraftment of those cells, my body is in overdrive. Yeah, like a fancy sports car – love being thought of that way!

On my 2015 Christmas list!

On my 2015 Christmas list!

The blood is now moving the stem cells around and into the bone marrow. So the body is multitasking time trying to cope with cells, blood, tons of IV’s and chemotherapy toxins. And all I want to do is be up and at it with a tiny bit of energy. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so. I fell asleep while on the phone with a friend earlier today, awakened by a very loud voice yelling…”Are you alright?”. And may I ask, have you ever nodded off while walking? I just did, almost knocked myself silly on the door jamb trying to walk ten feet to the bathroom. At this rate, I’ll just put a blue pad on the bed tonight and deal with it. No, I can’t do that..sorry.

As I have engrafted, I got my own clothes back late this afternoon! Silly, but it is a huge milestone around here. Soft comfortable yoga pants and baggy t-shirts as compared to stiff cotton hospital gowns. A no brainer.

The head grows shinier every day, and really I don’t mind it at all. The biggest drawback I have found is reading glasses – where do they go now? Every woman I know, when glasses are not in use, puts them on top of the head like a headband. Easy to pull up and down, always there. Only….it looks really bad, no truly horrible when bald. I’ve got to figure out what to do, I use these things all the time. Do I hang them on beads or silk cord around my neck? No clue, but I think a nice long search on Etsy will yield some fantastic options. OK – I just entered the Etsy URL and it’s all in Russian and I can’t read how to change the language. Can you send me some other sites to search? Or any other ideas on where to put my glasses so I don’t loose them?

What Not To Wear!

What Not To Wear!

If more had gone on today, there would be more to this post, but the word of the day is:

SLEEP: the natural periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.

I am not too sure about the powers of the body being restored…yet. But thank you anyway, Merriam-Webster Dictionary .

It’s 7:30 p.m. – can I go to bed yet???

Goodnight Moon,


2 Responses to “My Angel, my Olya”

  1. Anonymous

    Lisa I just wanted to say I love reading your blog! Thanks so much for taking the time to keep us updated and to educate us on MS and stem cell transplantation. I wanted you to know that you are in my prayers daily and in the prayers of all your friends at Hospice Quality Care! Diann

  2. Anonymous

    Lisa you are so beautiful!!!! I am sending you hugs and loves right now, know how much you are thought of … always…. and thank you Olya for holding you and loving you, your Angel… I am sending you “pixy dust”….
    xxxxxooooo….Debbie 🙂


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