Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

While you slept

A quick update to let you know what went on this afternoon.

I appears as if I have been inducted into the Army, much like my middle son when he went off to West Point – the buzz cut. I had no idea it was coming – none. The nurse waked in with something in her hand, pulled out a chair and said… “Leeza?”. I thought she was going to do more IV’s or something, but then she showed me the shears.

Here we go

Here we go





She was amazingly gentle, taking her time to make it just right for isolation. Tears – no. It was in a way almost freeing, as if I were buzzing the MS away. All I did was sit there, but the slightest effort leaves me weak, so I crawled back to bed.

No for long, as the Vodka troop arrived. Vodka – yes, here in isolation, we bathe in Vodka! It is sterile, and does the trick. Must be cheap as well!


The fun part? Ludna, the nurse, explaining to me in her fair, but still broken English about using the “pollution” (solution) and instructions on how to bathe in said “pollution”, and instructions for my “hysterical” (sterile) nightgown and bed “shits” (sheets)!

She was so sweet and serious, and I applauded her wonderful attempt at English. She is a dear, as is everyone here in Moscow.

Goodnight Moon,


Cleaning in Process


3 Responses to “While you slept”

  1. Skip @ Betty

    Lisa, we are following your posts, we need your email address please. We are hoping for great results from your treatments. We Love You,
    Skip & Betty


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