Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.


Schedule change, take note all you note takers out there. There was no Hickman line surgery today, it will wait until Wednesday as Dr. Fedorenko wants to personally do the procedure. I am happy about that, but it puts me 3-4 days back  on arriving home. I’ll update the schedule in the morning at some point, which is around midnight or so for you guys.

In the scheme of things in life, this is of no importance. My constant focus is this transplant, and this new “trans-life” being offered. Trans-being defined as:

  • trans-prefix: 1 across; beyond : transcontinental |transgress.• on or to the other side of

Yes, on to the other side of life. A side of life I have not seen in many years. To experience, to participate, and to rejoice in no fear or pain. That is worth the wait.


I have had no bone pain whatsoever with the stimulation shots. I have, however, experienced incredible migraines, which I have since learned are one of the side effects of the stimulation shots. The “don’t touch me even my hair hurts” type of migraine. But read above, this is all a part of my journey to trans-life. So I hold my throbbing head high…well, not really, I hold it in my hands…and say bring it on.

And due to this unfortunate side effect, my post for the day is brief. I do leave you with some photographs of the front side of the Cellular Therapy Hospital I took this evening. I thought sitting in the park, people watching and reading on my iPad (in larger font so as to not strain my eyes in more pain) would be a nice break. A cool evening, beautiful sky, and the silence of park grounds. Oh I do love this place. And as I have said, I am never alone.

It is 10:58 p.m. here, and the nurse should be knocking at any moment for the evening shot. Come one headache, get ready to rumble some more. After tonight, only three more shots to go. And then we unsheathe the swords and attack the T and B Lymphocytes. War will have begun, a long and furious battle, where I will be the victor. Wish I had a really cool uniform for the day I write that blog; it would make an awesome photograph. You know in Moscow there are a  few un-used uniforms lying around somewhere…bound to be!


Goodnight Moon,




2 Responses to “Trans-life”

  1. Anonymous

    You look so pretty and peaceful, Lisa. Can they give you any triptans for those migraines?


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