Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.


When the road ahead seems too long, look back to see how far you’ve come. For, even if the hill before you is steep, the view gives you hope to finish the journey.   –  Daniella Kessler

Wow! I made it, thanks to your prayers and blessings. The flight was long, the seats were hard, but Moscow and it’s people are amazing. I have seen so very little, only what can be seen through the windows of a taxi from the airport, and here to the hospital. But I can say it is green, tall trees, and warm – not hot- just warm temperatures with no humidity. Sleep is difficult as there is only about 4 hours of darkness, and then there is that 9 hour time difference – hard to adjust. I usually breeze on by time change, but not this one. It either means I am getting old (no doubt), or the 9 hours is really a difficult adjustment. You choose which!

The hospital grounds are in a park, gated with security in camo, but no rifles. I took a little walk around the grounds yesterday, sat on a bench and contemplated so much…this disease, it’s effect on my life, how I came upon the stem cell procedure, the many friends I have made who have walked this road before me and most importantly YOU- those who uplift me daily in prayer. I am never alone here, for you and our Lord are with me all of the time.

I thank you for your prayers, and the love you have shown me. I am so very confident in Dr. Fedorenko, his staff, and the procedure. Some may feel it is a bit dramatic to have this stem cell transplant. I do not, it is my hope for the future, my hope to continue climbing on roofs and serving in Mexico. It is my hope to live life fully in joy…not bed bound and unable to speak.

So, continue checking the blog. I will update it daily as long as tests and my body permit. I have a full day of MRI’s. x-rays, scans, and ultrasounds.  Maybe a bit more blood work just for fun. In between I will write and post more photos of test areas, but no needle pics – I promise!

My love to every single one of you. And as I end every post on my blog…Goodnight Moon!

PS –  The words are even more meaningful now as every night, I look at the moon and know that soon you too will see the same moon, it connects me…to you.

Click on the photos to enlarge

This is the first of a few rooms to come. I’ll have a move next week, daily neupogen shots, cells taken away then high dose chemo, cells given back, followed by isolation for 8-14 days, depending on how quickly my body and blood rebuild. Then back to another room. Similar to being in the Amy, but a move every week instead of every two years.

Do you VIBER??? Check out the app. It allows for free calls and texts. Let me know if you get the app, and I’ll give you my number so we can text and call…free!!!




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