Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

I Stand Corrected – if I could stand ;-)

I can stand, but I wobble. Anyway, my besties in Moscow reminded my after reading yesterdays post about the MS Shuffle that I have it all wrong. It’s not the MS Shuffle, it’s the MS FREE Shuffle, and I whole heartedly agree! And with God’s blessing, I will have that freedom as well soon, very soon!

Goodnight Moon!


P.S. – I have decided to end every post with Goodnight Moon, as it was the first book I read to my three boys when they were babies. It was their favorite, and I think still has a place in their hearts even now – when all are in their 30’s. So every post, every day is dedicated to you Bennett, Jon (Alina and Ethan too), and Morgan. Grandson Ethan has his own copy of the book, and I’m sure his mom and dad have read it to him a few times by now.

Goodnight Ethan…


IMG_0049 IMG_9973-Edit(pp_w860_h573)


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