Stem Cell Transplants, Moscow, and Borscht…life with Lisa in Russia.

So why do I need to raise money?

Why am I trying to raise  funds is probably the first question most of you will ask when opening this blog page. I hate having to do this, raise funds, ask for help…it is a difficult. To rely on the kindness and goodness of others to help me get the treatment I need, it hurts. But here are the reasons, I’ll lay it out on the line..

  • Insurance does not pay for treatment of PPMS/malignant MS patients.
  • Stem cell transplants cost $150,000 and up in the U.S. and are available mainly through clinical trials.
  • Clinical trials will not accept PPMS/malignant MS patients, or patients over the age of 55.
  • Stem cell transplants cost from $40,000 – $98,000 overseas.
  • Dr. Fedorenko in Moscow will accept PPMS patients early in the disease process, and those over the age of 55 in otherwise good heath…me!
  • I do have a retirement account, but withdrawing the $50,000 for the transplant, plus additional funds for travel and lodging would diminish a good amount of those funds.
  • Follow up care by a hematologist is required for a year or more after transplant. Insurance will not pay for that care either, my savings will pay for the specialists.
  • If for some reason the transplant is unsuccessful, the retirement funds will pay for nursing home care sooner rather than later.
  • If  the transplant restores function and extends my quality of life/mobility for 2-8 years, then what remains in the retirement account will pay for nursing home and physical debility care for a period of approximately 3-4 years when that time comes. After that, I am out of funds.
  • I do not qualify for disability as I have not earned enough “work credits” in the last three years. Duh…I have been ill! I am unable to work!
  • I am too young for Social Security and Medicare.
  • My income is from alimony – $36,000 this year, $24,000 next year and then it ceases. I cannot work due to my disabilities and will be depending upon my retirement savings to supplement my income and for my yearly medical expenses since my Blue Cross deductible is so very high.

Prayerfully consider if you can help, even a few dollars is a blessing, because little things mean a lot 😉


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